Hello, friends.

I’m Ariel. Like the mermaid, not after the mermaid. There’s a difference.

I grew up in Boise, Idaho, and then went to Brigham Young University, where I studied English and editing. I served an 18-month mission in Rochester, New York, and then came back and graduated in April 2015 from BYU. I’m now living up the single life in Salt Lake City, Utah, where I work in web publishing and social media.

I love word jokes, terrible puns, dance classes, Church history, good conversation, and the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The transition to this stage of life has been an adventure–one I wasn’t expecting to be so challenging in some ways. And I feel like the post-graduation life as a single Mormon, especially as a woman, isn’t a stage that people talk about much. So let’s talk!

My goal is to be a positive voice for LDS young adults striving to navigate the single years with faith, passion, and perspective. And I mean to have a dang good time while I’m at it.

So join me, and we’ll do it together!